It’s going to take a lot of us to turn this problem around. You can help today by purchasing a copy of Felling Big Trees. Proceeds go to WhyHunger; the group that for the past forty years has been a leader on the frontlines in the battle against hunger.

Questions confronting disgraced Congressman Fran Stewart, the main character in Felling Big Trees, are those facing all of us as we seek to end hunger: What breeds inaction and apathy? What does it take to jumpstart a deeper connection to the injustices we see every day? How far will we humble ourselves to help those with few resources?

“WhyHunger is proud of our life-long friend Rich Garon on his newest endeavor as an author. We first got to know Rich when he served on the staff of former Congressman Ben Gilman (R-NY) during the efforts to create the Presidential Commission on World Hunger set up by President Jimmy Carter. Our relationship with him grew when he became chief-of-staff to Mr. Gilman, who at the time was a WhyHunger board member. Rich’s passion for fighting hunger and poverty goes beyond his professional life. It is a deeply personal commitment to help people in need.” Noreen Springstead, WhyHunger, Executive Director

WhyHunger is “an award-winning global non-profit helping to build the movement to end hunger and poverty and create a just and sustainable food system that recognizes everyone’s right to nutritious food.”