More than 20 told to leave Prince William County homeless camp

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Woodbridge, Va. – More than 20 homeless individuals in Prince William County, Va., have been told to vacate a place they’ve called home for several years.

The camp, located just behind Potomac Mills Mall in Woodbridge, is believed to be home to between 30 and 50 homeless individuals.

At the end of January, property owners began posting signs to warn occupants to leave the area.

Beginning March 1, citations will be issued to anyone who occupies the space from that date forward.

Local volunteers have stepped in to help those people find shelter.

“It’s a challenge, but I manage to hang on,” said Frank Odonkor, who has been camping at the location for nine years.

“The property owner here has really been a blessing, because he’s let them stay seven, eight or nine years,” said Rich Garon, a volunteer with Immanuel Anglican Church.

“We’re all doing a lot of praying and hoping something will come up,” Garon said.

Volunteers also started distributing propane tanks to keep the camps warm.


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